A-One Cement Finishing Co.,Inc.
Specializing in concrete placement
and finishing in all phases of concrete construction.

A-One Cement Finishing Co.,Inc.

Rhode Island 
Concrete Contractor  401-828-8359 

Removed old concrete driveway and replaced

with new concrete.

Removed loom & grass,

Installed new concrete driveway.

Ice Cream Parlor

front Patio.

Front walk.

Small Patio &Walk

Removed old concrete driveway.

Replaced with new concrete.

50' X 20'

Removed old asphalt 

replaced with concrete.

Replaced asphalt with concrete.

Another view.

Concrete patio.

Remover asphalt,

replaced driveway

and walk with concrete.

Removed old concrete,replaced with new.

Rear view of picture above,

Back yard patio.

Large pool patio completed.

Another view.

Just saw cut and washed.

Another view.

New concrete driveway and walk.

Loading ramp.

Loading ramp.

Concrete strip driveway.

Basement concrete


Raised concrete slab & Garage floor.

Small patio.12'X16'

Small 12 'X 12' patio

Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers

Concrete slab for playing basketball.

New concrete driveway stained Battleship grey

and sealed.

Removed the old red bricks.Replaced with new.Stain and sealed

the concrete.From house to the street.

Replace cracked concrete section,size 28' x 48'.

Replaced with new concrete.

New front stairs before being stained & sealed.